EndNote and other word processors

EndNote has limited support for word processors other than Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer. What is offered is to be able to insert citations and format references in an RTF or ODT file. There is thus some support for all word processors that can store RTF or ODT files.
The process thus consists of two steps; to insert the references and to format the document:

Procedure for insertion of references:

  • Place the cursor in the text document where you want the citation
  • Go to EndNote and highlight and copy (Ctrl + C) the reference
  • Return to the text document and paste the reference
  • The reference then appears in its unformatted form (e.g. {Smith, 2004 #25})
    [Where «{}» indicates that the reference is unformatted, «Smith» is the first author and «# 25» means the reference has reference number 25 in the library.]

Procedure for formatting the document:

Make it a rule to format a copy of the text document as a new formatting will need to be based on an unformatted document. In other words, there is no function that removes or changes formatting.

  • Close the file in the word processor and go to EndNote
  • Select «Format Paper» on the «Tools» menu
  • Browse to the current RTF or ODT file
  • Choose the right style below «Output Style»in the dialog that pops up
  • Click «Format …» to format the document according to the selected output style