Setup for hotkeys

You can define a variety of keyboard shortcuts for EndNote commands / functions that can be activated from both EndNote and Word. This can save both time and muscle problems as such shortcuts can replace various movements and mouse clicks.
It is possible to define ones where there are none before, and you can redefine some that already exist if these are not intuitive or conflict with other commands.

How to:

  • Select «Preferences» from the «EndNote X9» menu in Word
  • Select the «Keyboard» tab in the dialog box that pops up
  • Select the function under «Cite While You Write Command» and press the desired key combination. This will then appear under «Press new shortcut key». If the new key combination has already been used in another context, this will appear under «Currently assigned to». Then choose another combination. Any previous keyboard shortcuts for a given command can be found under «Current shortcut key».