The PDF viewer toolbar

The PDF viewer toolbar appears when you click the Attached PDFs tab (it gets the same name as the attached file when you click on a reference with a PDF attachment).

You will then see any PDF attachments for the current reference.

Go to previous reference
– Navigate to the previous reference in the library (with the current sort order)
Go to next reference
– Navigate to the next reference in the library (with the current sort order)
Display reference field
Exits the PDF viewer and switches to the fields of the reference
  PDF files are displayed with their own tabs. Note that the file name can be changed when importing PDF files.
(See more on import of PDF files)
  Attach File…
Adds (yet another) file to the reference. File types other than PDF are only displayed with icons and names in the File Attachments field.
 Select PDF file
Displays a list of all PDF files attached to the reference
 /  Open PDF / Close PDF
Opens / closes the PDF file (which of the icons displayed depends on whether you have the reference or the PDF file showing)
Save PDF
– Save changes to the PDF file
– Print the current PDF file
E-mail PDF
Launches the e-mail program and opens a new message where the reference is pasted into the message field and the PDF file is attached
Previous Page
– Navigate to the previous page
Next Page
– Navigate to the next page
Go to
– Navigate to a given page (enter the page number and press «Enter»)
Zoom Out
– Zoom out one step on the Zoom menu (see below)
Zoom In
– Zoom in one step on the Zoom menu (see below)
Select a size to display the page
(select from menu or enter percentage)
Rotate Counterclockwise
– Rotate the page 90 degrees counterclockwise
Rotate Clockwise
– Rotate the page 90 degrees clockwise
Sticky Note
Creates a note in a given location.
The note is saved with the PDF file and is searchable in the EndNote library.
Highlight Text
Adds yellow background to selected text
Underline Text 
– Underlines marked text
Strikeout Text
– Strikes out marked text
– Search for a given text in the PDF file
Find Previous
Find the previous occurrence of the search term (see above)
Find Next
Find the next occurrence of the search term (see above)