Setup for Word and EndNote

Word and EndNote exchange data so that the interaction between them is as seamless and dynamic as possible without using unnecessary data power. Close interaction means a great deal of resource use on the machine, while little resource use provides less dynamism. Here you can with advantage try to find the optimal balance for your workflow and machine.

How to:

  • Select «Preferences» from the «EndNote 20» menu in Word
    Oppsett for Word og EndNote - Prefrences
  • Select the «General» tab in the dialog box that pops up
    Oppsett for Cite While You Write
  • Check the options that help you in your daily work.
    See description of each selection below.


Open EndNote when
starting Word
This can be a good choice if you (almost) always start working on your Word document and want to have the EndNote library open «in the background».
Not so smart if you often use Word without inserting references from EndNote.
Close EndNote when
leaving Word
Smart to check for this as EndNote should be terminated when the library is not in use so that e.g. backups and updates do not destroy an open EndNote library.
Not so smart if you often want to continue using the EndNote program after quitting Word.
Note however, if EndNote was started before you started Word, it will not close when Word ends.
Return to document after inserting citations
This option allows you to switch to the Word document after inserting references from the EndNote program. Without checking here you will remain in the EndNote program after inserting the reference.
Enable Instant Formatting on new Word documents
Enables automatic formatting of new Word documents that are created. Thus, this choice has no bearing on the document you are currently in.
See also Setup for automatic formatting
Turn off Word’s «Show field codes instead of their values option when opening or updating documents that include citations The short recommendation is to leave it on.
This options exists for historical reasons as it was previously a problem that field codes were displayed rather than the actual content of the fields.