Type references in manually

This method is easiest to relate to in the beginning, but it is also the one that requires the most typing on the part of the user. Thus, it is best if you are going to enter individual references that are not (easily) available in electronic form.

How to:

  • Select New Reference from the References menu (or press Ctrl + N [on Windows] or Cmd+N [on Mac])

First, select the correct reference type, and then fill in all relevant fields. Of course, it is possible to change the reference type later if it is appropriate. The different reference types will contain different fields / field names, and can be formatted independently of each other using styles etc.
(See more on reference types.)

Bildet viser manuell innlegging av en referanse

Remember to enter the correct punctuation and typography for parts of a field (eg italics of Latin names in biology).
See more about editing references here.

Typography to apply to the entire field is added using styles.