Share library / groups

It’s possible to share an EndNote library with other EndNote users. The feature assumes that you have an EndNote online account (or create one for that matter), and have set the library to sync against it. Currently, the ability to share libraries with others is limited to the one library you have selected to sync to your EndNote online account. There is no limit to how many people can share their libraries with you.
(See more on synchronizing with EndNote online.)

The process consists of three steps: First you send out an invitation to the those you want to share your library with (up to 100). They accepts the invitation and can then open the library to use it in their writing process or make any necessary changes to it.
See links below for a more detailed description.

Invitation to share library

Invitation to share group

Open a shared library

Open a shared group

Inserting references from a shared library / group into a Word document

Shared Library Activity Feed