In this section, we will cover some features that aim to make continuous changes to all or a selection of references in a library.


Multiple references to the same article may soon be included if different sources are used. Small differences in the references can make it harder to weed out the duplicates.

See more on duplicates


In order to facilitate the overview of the references in EndNote, it may be wise to sort them according to criteria that are appropriate for your work situation. Sorting in the library does not affect sorting in reference lists and bibliographies.

See more on reference list sort order


You can organize your library using the group functionality in EndNote. There are various types of groups that hopefully can meet the needs of most.
We recommend using groups rather than using several EndNote libraries.

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User interface

In the program it is possible to choose how many columns to display in the reference list and what these columns should contain.

See more on selecting fields to display

There is also a certain choice when it comes to designing the overview image itself by choosing whether and possibly how the screen image should be divided.

See more on customizing the interface

Quick edit

«Quick Edit» allows you to make changes to existing references without opening them in a separate application window.

See more on quick edit

Changing Text in References

Here, changes are made to all references throughout the library without having to deal with the individual references. These features are useful when importing or changing registration practices.

Move text
There may be cases where you want to move or copy the content from one field to another field.

See more on move / copy text between fields

Change text
EndNote has the ability to make changes in a given field across the library. This may include adding, deleting, or replacing text.

See more on change text

Updating references

Incomplete references can be updated with more information from various sources on the web. If a reference is created with only one field filled in, this function can also be used to search in these sources.

See more on find reference update

Term lists

Term lists are useful for ensuring that you have a consistent registration practice in your EndNote library. The lists may include author names, journal names, keywords or any field of your choice.

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