Add references to a group

You can control which references should be in the different custom groups. One is free to choose whether a reference should belong to such a group or not, and how many groups it may be located in. A reference cannot double up in a group. (If you try to place a reference in a group where it exists before, the EndNote program will simply ignore the attempt.)

It is also possible to set up the program so that some references automatically end up in a given group based on predefined criteria such as all references with a given keyword end up in a particular group. See more about this on smart groups.

When adding a reference to a group, duplicates of the reference will not be created in the EndNote library.

There are three ways to add a reference to a group:

Using the menu:

  • Select the current references
  • Choose «Add References To» from the «References»-menu
  • Then choose which group to include

Using drag-and-drop:

  • Select the current references
  • Drag them into the desired group and drop them there

Using right-click:

    • Select the current references
    • Right-click on the references
    • Choose «Add References To», and then select which group to add