Tags are labels that can be used to classify and organize the EndNote library.
This is in addition to groups and subject words.
The tags are shown in the overview image as a color code to the left of the title. (More about the color codes below.)

Bildet viser tagger i oversiktsbildet

Tags cannot be searched in line with subject words, you can access them in three other ways; as a group in the left margin, as a separate menu item and as part of the references.

Tags as groups

In the left margin you will find an overview of all your tags under the category «MY TAGS».
By selecting one of them, you get a list of all references with the selected tag. You can right-click on a tag and bring up the list in a separate tab.
Click on the plus sign to the right of «MY TAGS» to bring up a menu where you can create new tags with a name and a color code.

Bildet viser menyen for å opprette nye tagger.

Tags menu

This menu allows you to

  • create tags (as above)
  • rename tags
  • edit tags
  • delete tags

Bildet viser menyvalget Tags

Tags as part of the references

When viewing individual references, you will find tags under the Summary and Edit tabs. Here you see which tags , if any, are assigned to the reference in addition to the Manage tags button. This gives you the opportunity to add tags you have already created.

Bildet viser tagger for en referanse Bildet viser valgene for Manage tags