Formatting and unformatting in Word

You can choose to format a Word document via tool buttons / menu selections for several reasons. You may not have the «Auto Formatting» feature turned on, or you may want to format the document in a different output style from the one already used.

Unformatting can be useful in several contexts. You may want a unformatted document because you want to switch between different machines or you will try to correct formatting errors by unformatting and then reformatting.

How to format a document:

  • Click the down arrow to the right of «Bibliography»

  • A dialog box appears where you can select the current style and click «OK».

Note that it is possible here to specify whether you want a link between the citations and related references in the literature list. You can also tick off for these links to be underlined as links often appear on the internet.

How to unformat a document:

  • Click on «Convert Citation and Bibliography»
  • Select «Convert to Unformatted Citations»

This leads to two types of changes:

  1. The citations come in an unformatted form – e.g. {Arnesen, 2020 #25}
  2. The reference list disappears