Ambiguous Citations

The second sub-category under «Citations» contains the options for how to distinguish ambiguous citations. An ambiguous citation is a citation that does not contain enough information in the preceding text to keep it separate from other citations in the same text.

Note that all the options you specify in this dialog box include only those citations that are considered ambiguous. Other citations in the same text remain unaffected.

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The different options are:

Include the author initials or full name in citation


You can add the author’s initials or full name to separate the citations from each other. The options under «Name Format» allow you to specify more clearly
Add more authors until the citation is unique
This option is particularly suitable where there are typically several authors per  citation
Add the title for different works by the same author
You can add a title to separate citations from each other. «Title Format» allows you to choose whether to use full title or short version.
Add a letter after the year
You can specify that the citations should be separated by letters. «Letter Format» gives two possible formatting of this