Author Name in Citations

This subcategory of «Citations» deals with how the author names should be presented in the citations. Note that this does not have any effect if you use a so-called numbered style – i.e a style that uses numbers instead of author / year in the consecutive text.

The dialog box has a distinction between the name format at the top and how to specify multiple subsequent citations by the same author(s) at the bottom.

Forfatternavn i siteringer

De ulike alternativene er:

First author: Specifies how to present first author
Other authors: Specifies the name format of the remaining authors if more than one
Capitalization: Here you can define how we have uppercase / lowercase letters in the author names. «As Is» means that you use the form specified in the individual reference in the EndNote library. Note that this may result in different formats
Initials: This field is used to specify how to relate the author’s first and middle names. Note that this choice overrides the previous three
Omit repeted authors A check here will cause the author name to appear only in the first of a series of citations by works by the same author
Separate these citations with: Refers to the selection above, and allows you to enter a punctuation mark between the citations. Note that you need to enter any spaces, although these are difficult to see in the dialog box
Don’t omit authors from citations that have suffix This option allows you to override the previous one in case you added a text after the regular quote («suffix»)