Convert the citations in a Word document

If you switch from Reference Manager to EndNote while working on a document, you must also remember to convert the citations in the document from being Reference Manager citations to becoming EndNote citations.

Open the current document in Word with its associated library open in the EndNote program in the «background». It is not necessary to have the Reference Manager database available when converting the citations in the Word document.

Select «Convert Citations and Bibliography» under the «Bibliography» category in the «EndNote X9» toolbar in Word. Then select «Convert Reference Manager Citations to EndNote» (see below).

Word will now search for the references in the EndNote library that are open in the background. If both the first author’s last name, the year and the reference number are correct, the citations will be formatted automatically according to the output style chosen. If at least one of these criteria is not met, a dialog box will appear to choose which reference to insert.
The document is completely converted to EndNote tags when all the citations are found this way.