Citation – Template

Under the «Citations» category we find five sub-categories where you have the opportunity to define how the reference should be cited in the continuous text.

The first of these is «Templates», which is the template for how the citation should look. You can add a case using the «Insert Field» button, as well as the possibility to insert characters and text as you wish.

Otherwise, see a separate page on how to build a template.

Two different citation formats can be defined; one for citation («Citation») and one for citation with author name outside brackets («Citation – Author (Year)»).
[See more on Insert references from search in Word]

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The different options are:

Insert Field


This button provides access to all fields in EndNote.
You can also enter the field name directly from the keyboard
Multiple citation separator:


Here you specify which characters are used to separate several citations that stand together. Note that any spaces must also be typed, although they may be difficult to see in this screen
Year Format
Checking in this option tells the program that only two digits will be used to enter the year.