Numbering in Citations

This subcategory of «Citations» is of interest only if you use a so-called numbered style as it is all about the numbering of citations.

Nummerering av siteringer

The different options are:

All References Here you mark to have consecutive citations presented as a span rather than as a single number
Grouped References In this route you can tick off if you want all the works that are quoted together with a common number. You can then specify which punctuation / word you want between them. Note that desired spaces must be set, although this can be difficult to see in this dialog
Use letters to separate grouped references Check this box if it is desirable for each reference in a collection to be indicated by its own letter.
There is a sub-selection where you decide whether the letters should be lowercase or uppercase.
In-text Here you specify the format the numbering should have.
Select one of the four options from the list.
Bibliography Fill in «Precede by» and / or «Follow by» if you want any characters standing before / after the letters in the bibliography.