Transfer references to LaTeX / BibTeX

EndNote does not support LaTeX, but it does have its own reference management program; BibTeX. However, the problem with BibTeX is that it does not have the ability to import references from external literature bases as EndNote has. For many, therefore, the solution is to use EndNote for data collection, and BibTeX as the reference management program in LaTeX.
This page will hopefully clarify how to export the references you have collected in EndNote so that they can be imported into BibTeX.
An additional problem with such an export import is the fact that the two programs use different fields for unique reference of the references. Therefore, you must copy EndNote‘s indicators («Reference Number») to BibTeX that uses the «Label» field for such indicators.

Procedure for exporting from EndNote library:

  • Select «Change/Move/Copy Fields» from the «tools» menu
  • Select the «Move/Copy Fields» tab
  • Select the radio button «Copy Field»
  • Specify that it should be copied from the «Record Number» field to the «Label» field
  • Select the radio button «Replace entire field»
  • Click «OK»
  • Mark all references to be exported to BibTeX
  • Select «Export» from the «File» menu
  • Specify filename and og location.
    Remember to end the name on «.bib», select the «Text File» extension, and set output style to «BibTeX Export» (see below)

Procedure for importing to LaTeX / BibTeX:

  • Insert the references into the LaTeX document by typing e.g. «\ cite \ {207}» where the citation should be in the continuous text
  • Enter «\ bibliography {Referanser}» where the reference list will be generated
    (Note that the «.bib» extension is not specified)
  • Run the «LaTeX» command on the file
  • Run the «BibTeX» command on the file
  • Run the «LaTeX» command on the file again
  • Run the «LaTeX» command on the file a third and final time

Then citations and reference list should be generated according to the output style chosen.