Sort Order in Bibliography

This subcategory provides sorting options for the bibliography / literature list.

Sorteringsrekkefølge for bibliografi

The different options are:

Order of appearance If you select this option, the order of the references in the bibliography will be the same as they are quoted in the text.
Author + Title This option provides an alphabetical sort by author name, and then the title if the names are the same
Author + Title + Year This is in principle the same sorting as above, but with the addition of year as the third sorting criterion
First Author + Year + Other Authors This sorting form provides chronological sorting for the first author, regardless of whether he or she is the sole author or not. Year is the second sorting criterion and other authors is third.
First Author + # of Authors + Year This option also provides an alphabetical sort by author name. Here the number of authors is second sorting criterion, while years come third
Other… Here you can specify the sort order yourself. When you select this, a separate dialog box will automatically appear where you can specify the sort field and order
Sort edited works after original works by the same author – as the text suggests – offer the opportunity to list works in which a person is an editor after the works in which they are the author.