Transferring references from Keenious

It is possible to import references from Keenious directly into an EndNote library.
You can either transfer one reference at a time, or all references on a result page.

How to transfer one reference:

    • Look up current references in Keenious

    • Click on the citation icon at the top right of the reference

      Bildet viser siteringsikonet i Keenious

    • Open the style menu and select RIS
      Bildet viser dialogboksen for eksport fra Keenious

      • Click the Download button
      • Depending on your browser’s setup, the reference will either be transferred directly, or you will be asked what you want to do.
        Choose to open the file.

        Bildet viser nedlastet fil fra Keenious

Make it a good rule to always check that the references have been correctly transferred to the EndNote library.

How to transferring all references in a result page:

    • Click on the three dots on the far right at the top of the hit list
    • Then select Export result page
      Import all references from Keenious
    • The rest of the procedure is as described above for the transfer of one reference