Sort Order in Citations

The last subcategory of «Citations» deals with the order of citations that follow one another directly. This option should therefore not be confused with the order in which the references are presented in the bibliography / reference list.

Sortering av siteringer

The different options are:

Same as bibliography If you select this option, the order of multiple citations in sequence will be the same as sort order in bibliography
Author + Title This option provides sorting by author name, and then the title if the names are the same
Author + Title + Year Here the primary sorting criterion is author with title and year, respectively, as second and third fields to sort on
Year + Author Sorting is primarily by year, then author name
Don’t sort The citations come in the order they are set in the text
Other… Here you can specify a sort order yourself. When you select this, a separate dialog box will automatically appear where you can specify the sort field and order